terms of sale



The ANGLO BELGIUM MILITARY MEDAL SOCIETY is a club of people who share an interest in collecting authentic and rare Belgian and Commonwealth military medals  in the following categories:











Every member will be given the opportunity to sell and buy medals or derivatives of the (militaria) hobby, with the understanding that all items must be of Belgian or British origin. These items will be posted by a moderator in our online shop after the authenticity is determined by one of our staff members. The online shop will advertise collector items from our members, these items are not  owned by the ABMMS neither will the ABMMS gain profit from these sales. All items will be listed as recent first and will always contain a price, a description combined with quality photos of the item. Some of the items can be offerd by members, who are official dealers, these items will always be marked by the logo of the dealer.



The items in the online shop are just advertisements and the shop is not an online shop were you can click and buy. Every item has given a reference number that must be given in our contactform or correspondence of the potential buyer. After a potential buyer has contact us for buying an item, he will recieve an email with payment details and shipping options. After this the item will be marked reserved on the website for maximum 5 days. If the buyer wish that the item will be delivered by mail, the item will always be posted whitin 24 hours after recieving the payment. If the buyer wish to collect the item he can do this on our participated fairs or make an appointment with one of a staff members to collect the item on a agreed location.



Every item in the online ship will always be placed for maximum 3 months. If the item is still unsold after the expired date the item can only be advertised again after a discount in price or if the seller wants to hold on to the price he has to wait for at least 2 months to put it back on the website. This rule doesn't apply for medals that are consigned for fairs only.


A sale can only be closed by an staff member of the ABMMS. Only he can determine the final sale price in agreement with the owner of the item. Every sale must be accordingly the Belgian Laws, wich means that sales over 3.000 euro must always be done by banktransfer and can not be paid in cash. The ABMMS will only accept payments in Euro's and exual money. Cheques, shares or depositos will never be accepted as payment for an item.The ABMMS will never ask for your creditcardnumber, creditcardname or other bankdetails, if such a mail has come through your mailbox consider it with the utmost caution and delete it immedialty, because it is a fraude.The ABMMS will never be responsible for identityfraude or other illegal activities that lead to possession of an item, but staff members will provide all information to the Belgian legal authorities when fraud is suspected.



If a member wants to buy an item from one of our respected dealers he has to oblay to all of there sale terms. The sale terms of the ABMMS will never overrule these terms and every discussion that comes from this dealers terms are strictly between the dealer and the buyer for wich the ABMMS does not come in between.






Every member can consign items to advertise in the onlineshop, if the item is according the rules of the first paragraph of the terms of sale. Weather you have a hole collection for sale or just an item you wish to sell, a member can always contact us for an evaluation and appraisals of the item. The member has to provide the staff member with good quality photos and a discription of the item. This staffmember will (if needed in cooporation with other staffmembers) confirm that the item is genuine. If this is indeed the case it will be placed on the website with no charge or any commission on the sale price. The seller will give the the ABMMS always the garantee that the item is available for sale, during the time it is listed in our online shop. If an item is sold for the realized price and the seller for any reason rejects to provide the item to the new member, he will be excluded from the club immediatly, whitout any refund of his membershipfee. Every seller who recieves an amount of money is fully reasponsable to do the necessary tax declaration, if required. The ABMMS will not be responsable if these actions are not submitted.







The ABMMS gives its member the guarantee that the online shop is a members only shop. Non members who like to buy in the online shop will be charged with the annual membersfee on top of the saleprice. The ABMMS will also gives the guarantee that the prices listed in the online shop are exclusive and only for members and will adjusted for fairs, where non members can buy the item for a higher price. The price on in the onlineshop will only be binding on fairs when a member reveals his membershipcard.



The ABMMS will guarantee that the buyer gets enough information and time to value the item for himself before he decide to buy the item. A saleprice is only binding when a staffmember (acting according the sellers best interest) and a buyer has come to sales agreement. The price that is listed with an item in the online shop is mostly firm and can only slightly discussed when a lot or groupsale is considered. In not any case can a listed item in our onlineshop be sold higher than the listed price, nor will a  reserved or sold item be returned for sale after recieving a higher bid.


The ABMSS gives every member the guarentee that the ABMMS is a solid organisation with no illegal backgrounds.




If a member wish to (potentialy) trade one of his collectorpieces for a listed item in the online shop. The ABMMS will profide the offer to the seller allong with one contact detail, so the seller can get in touch with the other. The ABMMS gives no guarantees of any succes on these offers. Potential trades will always be performed in person between two members in wich the ABMMS will not take any responsibility or leading possition, neither will it perform as a neutral party between any negotiations to any person.





Each member has to right to make a mouth to mouth publicity to members and non members of listed items in our webshop.  Published publicity in printed paper or web publicity can and may only be allowed after the approval of at least one staff members.The use of the logo is also restricted under certain permission.